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  • Mac Candle

    If Apple designed a candle what would it smell like? An apple? or in a stunning twist would it smell like a Banana? No one knows but what we do know is that if Apple designed a candle it would come packaged like no other. This Apple inspired candle does just that. Just look at it, smooth, sleek round and stimulating. Has a nice citrusy but slightly refreshing smell and thankfully you can use any lighter to light this candle.

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  • Mario Plushies

    Pretty sure a few mushrooms were “harvested” for these plushies… While there is no way to be certain, what we do know is that theses are dope like the pope. They come with their own little storage tube that looks like a Mario tube/tunnel thing and the colors are nice and bright, Super comfy and super ready to test relationships. Will Steven with a ph grow up or will he still buy Mario plushies? Vote with your wallet!

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  • Sea Diver Trapped In Resin

    If you looked at this and went “WOW that’s cool” then you and the Alpaca are on the same page! Thats rare! Treasure it. This resin piece with a diver trapped/swimming inside it is the highlight of the piece and it gets better when you plug it in and it lights up as a table lamp. How fucking cool is that!!! Its even got detailed bubbles and shit man. Thats dope as fuck!

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  • Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

    9 out of 10 people we surveyed outside said they have a nice tv but a shit sound system. A lot of them said they want something that is as immersive as their 4k games and movies. Problem is most people buy shitty speakers that are entry level garbage and have really bad tuning. What you want is a tuned setup that at the very least will shake the room with thunderous bass and crystal clear voices. This Logitech 5.1 setup with THX certification will make you feel every scene. It is loud…very loud.

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  • Non-Stick Oven Liner

    If someone asked you how many times you fucked up food in the oven or just let it all collect at the bottom… what would you answer? Or are you the type of person that uses foil on the oven floor. Whatever you answered is wrong. The right answer is this oven liner. It collects all the food you fuck up and then is easy to pick up and clean. It will save you hundreds of hours of tears and frustration and security deposits. That last one alone makes it worth it!

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  • Cord Organizer Box

    So you got your cables organized but are now stuck with the hundreds of adaptors and extensions just lying around. How the heck do you hide those fuckers….This little cord shelter will neatly hide your cords and extenders and will make it look like your setup is powered by some crazy future wireless alien technology thing. Think about it. 

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  • Cord Buddy

    The one problem with any decent setup is the hundreds of cables that are just everywhere…. takes so much effort to hide and it still does not look decent and what’s worst is when you need a cable and you are not able to find it. So fucking annoying! Like Fuck! Thankfully someone with more wrinkles in their brain came up with this handy cable organizer that clips your cables neatly and keeps them from tangling up. Makes your setup look a million times better.

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  • Dryer Vent Vacuum Attachment

    This post is a great reminder to go clean your dryer lint or you will burn the house down. Go ahead… we will wait… Now that you have attempted to clean the dryer vent and found it tedious, may we present this fine attachment for your vacuum cleaner. It will allow you to effortlessly suck those cloth ghosts I guess… and prevent your house from burning down.

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  • Lime Green Shower Curtain

    The one unwritten rule of life is that one must entertain the idea of a wild bathroom curtain. One that is a departure from the norm from oneself. A curtain that brings out that little weirdness in you. The good weird not the crazy weird some of you have. Keep that to yourself. This is about curtains and shit. So anyways…this lime green curtain will add that oomph of freshness to your shower every morning. Pair with a nice citrus or aqua marine shower gel and you are one with nature.

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  • Pan Organizer Shelf Rack

    Fancy yourself some sort of cook and been collecting all sorts of pots, pans, utensils and what not to help you conjure up the most delectable meals… running out of space to store your little hoard of metal, you little chef…you… Organize your endless collection of battle ready pans with this handy dandy pan organizer. Fits up to five pans and makes your little kitchen of wonders look wonderful.

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  • Wine Aerator Pourer

    If you are still pouring your wine straight out of a bottle then you need to get your shit together. Who the fuck does that? We pour our wine through an aerator… It aerates the wine (means it adds air to it) which makes it taste better and more expensive. Drink like a bourgeoise and not some peasant… Peasant!

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  • Floating Book Shelf

    All those books that are collecting dust on the floor and on some random shelf will have their untouched time spent better as a decoration piece or a reminder of how much you procrastinate. With these simple yet sturdy wall mounted shelves you can stack your books on bare walls as a sort of decoration piece or more like look at all the knowledge I do not consume but proudly display… Do it!

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