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  • R2D2 1

    R2-D2 Night Light

    Is your marriage getting a bit boring? Add some romance and excitement to the bed room with this R2-D2 night light. The 3D effect will dazzle the eyes of onlookers and have their jaws drop in amazement. Also works great as a night light!

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  • Wallpaper 2

    Star Wars Blueprint Wallpaper

    Got loved ones/friends who love Star Wars too much? They never shut up about how Kylo did Han dirty? Shut em all up with this Star Wars inspired wallpaper with blueprint schematics of the Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, X-Wing, AT-AT among many others.

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  • dinosaur 1

    Dinosaur Night Light

    As we age, we tend to lose sight of things that once brought joy to our lives. Some of us have a favorite blanket while others have a rock they used to lick as a child. Either way, these little trinkets disappear as we age and with them take away the joy inside of us. This little dinosaur light will help spark a fire inside the void that is your heart. Let the warmth wash over you and bring some joy to your existence.

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  • Cloud 1

    Happy Cloud Night Light

    Bring some joy and happiness to your bedroom with this adorable night light. Rechargeable via micro USB, this night light will keep you from bumping into furniture after a long night of drinking. Changes color with the included remote.

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  • Moon 1

    Moon Lamp

    Remember that scene from Despicable me where Gru plans on stealing the moon? This is sort of like that but you have to pay for it and its not the real thing. What you get instead is a very high quality and detailed replica of the moon with a nice soft light inside. Great for the bedroom and the study table that you barely use. 

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  • Fidget 1

    Fidget Cube

    Anxious? Nervous? Stressed? Annoyed? Broke? Not that any of those are relevant to this classy product for people who cannot afford healthcare…. Its the only way you are keeping any of that sanity you have left. Plus its really cheap! Be your own doctor. Let this device help you suppress your inner demons!

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  • Lighter 1

    Triple Arc Plasma Lighter

    Traditional lighters are boring and not exciting enough. It has long been the dream of humanity to advance our ability to start fires. This triple arc plasma lighter will have you going “is this really necessary?” and your inner child screaming “WOAH”. Completely wind and waterproof.

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  • Monopoly 1

    Monopoly Longest Game Ever

    Dubbed the longest Monopoly game ever, the game only ends when one player owns all the properties. There is no escape. Only the strongest will survive. Guaranteed to end friendships. Invite all your friends. Great for newly weds too! Let the games begin!

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  • Pimple 2

    Pimple Popping Toy

    The degenerates among us seek satisfaction and pleasure in the weird things life has to offer. One of those is popping pimples. Some of us however, are cursed with beautiful pimple free skin. This presents a challenge when you want to satisfy the urge to pop a few of those nasty bastards. Our finest minds got together and invented this pimple popping toy for your perverse pleasure and it comes with a refill bottle.

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  • Brick mug 1

    Build-on Brick Mug

    This is a very special coffee mug designed for people who like to be stimulated in the morning. Use the included bricks to build new designs and impress your coworkers and boss. Lets face it, the only thing you are accomplishing for the day is adding a few brick to this cup and then hitting the washroom. Great for home use too. Just dont lose the bricks.

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  • Sloth 1

    Funny Sloth Coffee Mug

    A great gift for that one office employee who seems to run on their own time zone or for some reason has no tasks to do for the day or any day for that matter. Also makes a great gift for your local politician, husband/wife or teenager. 

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