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  • Astronaut 2

    Astronaut Light Bulb

    If you fancy having an astronaut with a lightbulb for a head as a night stand light then you have come to the right place amigo. Hand cast with designer resin bonding, this piece is a very unique item for your collection. 

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  • Shark 1

    Shark In Epoxy with LED Light

    Feast your eyes on this handcrafted Shark diorama with a LED base light! Add this to your workspace! Its like a power move if you have it in your office. Co workers will all be like “Dang! dudes a Shark” or something. I dont know. I work from home.

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  • Buddha d 1

    Beautiful Buddha Statues

    The craftsmanship on these is stunning! The colors are nice and bright and the details are… what’s the word?… detailed! These sell like hotcakes and there is usually a waiting period. Seize the opportunity if you get it. Everyone needs a little buddha in their lives!

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  • buds 1

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

    These Samsung kidney beans produce high quality sound with some amazing noise cancelling to make you go “wow I did not know that kidneys can do that”. Tuned by AKG for studio quality sound!

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  • SKU 01 Gold

    Moto 360 3rd Gen

    The Moto 360 is the watch that truly jump started the smartwatch era. This latest iteration is no compromise and evolves on its predecessors strengths and design. Upgraded with faster hardware and a round display, it will have you almost forget that it is more than a watch. 

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  • Water hammock 1

    Water Hammock

    Summers right round the corner which means that this year either a lot of people are going to be in pools or no one shows up because we are all too fat from staying home… cause of the pandemic… Anyways… this wonderous water hammock is there when we can all come out and play!

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  • Glow ring 1

    Glow In The Dark Opal Ring

    Normally you open these with some one ring joke but we are not going to do that. Mostly because I dont know any one ring jokes. In any case, this ring glows in the dark and has a very cool design that makes it feel all Dragon Ball Z!

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  • Honey boi 1 e1625213315174

    Chonky Honey Boi Tee

    Chonky boi wants the honey but the yellow floaty fuck wont let him have it. So he has to wear wings…effectively disguising himself as a bee. The bees will never suspect a thing.

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  • Meal Prep

    Prepdeck Recipe Preparation Kit

    So you discovered r/mealprep and want to get in on the action. This meal prep deck is where you start. It comes with a recipe organizer and 45+ other items that cover the basic needs for practically preparing almost all kinds of recipes. You can measure, cut, dice, juice, peel, squeeze, clean, grate, open bottles and a lot more!

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  • Purse light

    The Original Purse Light

    Hermione fit an entire tent in hers and I once saw a woman pull out an entire burrito out of hers. How do they even work? In any case you will need this light that will help in pulling out the wonders that live in your hand bag!

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  • Clean 1

    Double Sided Bristle Brush

    The problem with working from home is that you end up using the same coffee mug again and again and rinsing and washing it is a whole process. This simplifies it! The suction cup scrub will have you cleaning your cup in like 10 seconds flat!

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