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  • Phone soap 1

    Smart Phone Sanitizer

    The pandemic has us sanitizing our hands, face, clothes and desks but not our smartphones! This sanitizer takes care of that. Its best not to dwell on when you cleaned it last. Best to just invest in this and sanitize it two or three times.

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  • mist1

    Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System

    Are you the kind of person that goes for a 20k run with a 20 pound backpack? If so then the extrememist hydration kit will keep you cool and quench your thirst at the same time. Spray cool water in your face as you leave your competition in the dust.

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  • Xbox controller 2

    Pulse Red Xbox Wireless Controller

    ts a controller in red, white and black paint job… like a Range Rover 2 tone paint job but bright red like a Ferrari on the front and white on the back with a black accent for the top. Red paint job adds +1 to reflexes and +2 to gamer cred.

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  • Dryer buddies 1

    Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies

    Drying clothes is not really a hard task but evenly drying and preventing them from ripping is. These help separate your clothes and distribute the heat evenly so your clothes dont shrink and dry properly.

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  • Inferno 2

    Inferno Grill

    Inferno grill is what happens when you ask the Germans to make a backyard grill that will cook any meat to perfection in the shortest amount of time. This is the Maybach of grills.  At this level you dont even need to spice your meats, they will spice themselves!

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  • Interesting 1

    How to Be Interesting

    The ability to have a stimulating conversation or spontaneously initiate one on a topic of common interest will get you further in life than just your good looks. Learn how to master the art of conversation, emotional self control, quiet confidence and ooze suave wherever you go.

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  • Shield light 1

    Captain America Shield Light

    This Captain America Shield that sticks to a wall and looks like Cap himself hurled it at your wall. Lights up so its perfect as a night light for your bedroom or the kids room. Put one in your living room and watch people drool all over your carpet!

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  • Monopoly Luxury 1

    Monopoly Luxury Edition

    You have the LV bags, the Lamborghinis and the mansions but do you have this finely crafted, rich leather bound, intricately detailed monopoly board. No you dont is the answer! Please only click and buy if you can afford this. Do not waste the postings time!

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  • tender1

    Kitchen Impressor Plus+

    There is nothing more satisfying then beating your meat. The problem is it can become quite dry. There is a way to beat your meat and make sure the marinade seeps all the way in. Tiny blades on this tenderizer create enough spacing in the meat to allow juices to seep in so its juicy with every mouthful. Dry meat leads to sadness!

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  • Book 2

    Traumatize Your Children

    There are many ways to traumatize your child, you can draw on from your own experiences and use that but if you somehow had a childhood filled with love, motivation and care then you need help. You will learn methods that have been battle tested by billions.

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  • Planets 1

    Luxury Chocolate Planets

    Made to resemble the 9 planets, these 100% Belgium made chocolates will melt in your mouth and release their chocolatey goodness. Drown in pure silky smoothness as these balls of decadence descend down your throat and unleash extreme pleasure!

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