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  • Californey 2

    California Joint Kit

    Impress your friends with this beautiful California labeled joint kit. Its handy if you partake and dont want to look like a homeless dentist who smokes too much and it also stops you from accidentally doubling your joint count in your pockets.

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  • Water balloon 1

    Liquid Grenades

    Running around and cannon balling these bad boys at friends and watching them explode is one of the greatest pleasures in life. These are the fast filling version and you get 350 of them. That is a lot of ammo! May your aim be true!

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  • TP 1

    Bear Grade Toilet Paper

    I think the bears run the company and they make this toilet paper to fund their pursuit of acquiring all the honey. In any case this is the softest toilet paper your butt will touch and it does not break on contact and cover your finger in dark chocolate or peanut butter.

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  • Throne 1

    Squatty Potty

    Elevating your legs relaxes a muscle that allows poop to flow freely without straining yourself at all. This is the way nature intended for us to poop and it improves colon health and helps with bloating and constipation!

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  • Lunch 1

    Human Organ Lunch Bag

    Carry around your lunch and make everyone question if its a lunch bag or an actual human organ bag. People move out of your way and you can be first in line anywhere. Instant VIP status!

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  • Umbrella 1

    The Ultimate Umbrella

    So it turns out the person who invented the umbrella had the right idea but the wrong execution. Some other person figured out if you had an inverted umbrella then you could reduce your chance of getting wet when closing the thing. But we still use the wrong one. Right this wrong!

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  • Rub 1

    The Bad Odor Destroyer

    Forged in the fires of Mount Fume, the Rub-A-Way bar was engineered by a team of chefs gone insane with stinky hands. In a last ditch effort, they consulted old scriptures that spoke of a bar that would rid any odor from their hands. This is that bar!

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  • Tenderizer 2

    Mighty Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer

    Be you worthy enough to wield the might meat tenderizer crafted from the heat of a dying star! You most probably are not. Thats why this meat tenderizer was crafted on earth in the heat of a regular, believable forge. Tenderize like there is no tomorrow!

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  • Rick ship 1

    Ricks Space Ship USB Light

    Explore the cosmos that is your desk with this detailed replica of Rick’s spaceship. Functioning lights and a silhouette of Rick and Morty add to the amazing details of this USB light. Great as a reading light or something to add some cool to your room!

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  • Yeti feet 1

    Yeti Feet That Moisturize

    These feet can be worn on your feet (big brain moves) to moisturize them and turn those cracks into smooth silky flats. Wear them when you are sleeping, at work, at your wedding or at your divorce and you will have the most beautiful feet in all of existence. 

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  • Dolla 1

    Dolla Dolla Rolls Y’all

    Through sheer luck I came across these 100 dollar bill rolling papers. They have the hit and feel of burning the real thing. Roll up to the party with a few of these bad bois and heads will turn and explode!

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  • Orange man 1

    Orange Man Toilet Brush

    A clean toilet bowl is a sign of extreme intelligence. I’ll tell you what, it is a subtle notification that you have your shit together and are ready for whatever life throws at you. The people that are friends of mine that called to say, Donald, you too can have all that power with the ultimate toilet bowl cleaner!

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