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  • Behhive 1

    Beehive Candle

    Burns for 70 to 80 hours and has tiny little bees all over it that make it look like they are trying to get in. Watch hour by hour as the wax melts away getting closer and closer to the bees building up the drama and tension!

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  • air filter 2 1

    Bourgeoise Air Maker

    Thanks to the wonders of global warming we now have forest fires on the list of things trying to kill us. Forest fire smoke creates a difficult to breathe atmosphere that can have some serious negative effects on ones health. Air filters and purifiers can purify indoor air and make sure none of those pesky pollutants get in your house. Breathe that bourgeoise air. Its what them nicely dressed folk who live in mansions on the mountain breathe.

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  • Valve 1 1

    Valve Index

    VR devices are getting so much better at what they are suppose to do and the kind of content we are supposed to enjoy it with is really pushing the boundaries. The Valve Index is the VR flagship, the king pin, the boss, the don and the benchmark. Play VR games with unparalleled immersiveness with room scale VR. Thats right bichachos. You can walk around with this bad boy and experience games in the dopest way possible. If you have not tried VR and are getting into it… this is what you want. This is the device when you finally learn from your mistakes.

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  • 3d printer 1

    Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

    3d printers are dope as fuck. They are like the closest thing to those fancy star trek matter recombination thingamajig. This 3d printer in particular is a pretty nice and popular printer among the community. You can print pretty much anything with this bad boy since it has a big horizontal and vertical area. There are mods available that will make it even bigger. This printer also has a lot of support from the printing community so you can print dragon dildos, Mario figurines, fucking pots and pans and shit and with different filament types you can go crazier. Get one. Life will change and the kids will turn out smarter.

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  • Homicidal Duck 1

    Beneduck Cumberquack – The bike protector

    People messing with your bike are the worst kind of people on the planet. What kind of degenerate steals/damages bikes? Its like the shittiest fucking thing to make a living out of. Stealing bikes??? Like for reals?. With Beneduck Cumberquack your bike is hopefully safe. Born with a bloodlust for bike thieves, Beneduck never learned the word “mercy” for maximum damage. His playful and adorable face hides the deadliest Duck the world have ever seen or will ever see. Also Beneduck Cumberquack has a sister named Broomhilda. She is also like him…. maybe a little more than him…

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  • Men White 01 e1625203147309 1

    New Frontiers

    Vibrantly colorful and playful, this design is a very expressive piece for any occasion. Eye catching from first glance, this print will have you turning heads and asking questions, like, “why is this rocket shooting colors and not flames?” or “where can I buy a t-shirt like that?” or “what is the terminal velocity of a chicken falling from 30,000 feet?” Answers this t-shirt may or may not have. Only one way to find out…

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  • SKU 08 Men Silver e1625202946619 1

    Mother Nature T-Shirt

    Hello there my tree hugger friendo! I have here for you the finest in T-shirt design. Observe as the scenery is inside the tree. Not behind it, mind you, but inside. Multiple fancy colors available for the discerning customer of today. All handled by Amazon!

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  • Candle apple 1 1

    Limited Edition Mac Candle

    If Apple designed a candle what would it smell like? An apple? or in a stunning twist would it smell like a Banana? No one knows but what we do know is that if Apple designed a candle it would come packaged like no other. This Apple inspired candle does just that. Just look at it, smooth, sleek round and stimulating. Has a nice citrusy but slightly refreshing smell and thankfully you can use any lighter to light this candle.

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  • 71ARJWpgMgS 2

    Mario Plushies

    Pretty sure a few mushrooms were “harvested” for these plushies… While there is no way to be certain, what we do know is that these are dope like the pope. They come with their own little storage tube that looks like a Mario tube/tunnel thing and the colors are nice and bright, Super comfy and super ready to test relationships. Will Steven with a ph grow up or will he still buy Mario plushies? Vote with your wallet!

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  • Diver 1 2

    Sea Diver Trapped In Resin

    If you looked at this and went “WOW that’s cool” then you and the Alpaca are on the same page! Thats rare! Treasure it. This resin piece with a diver trapped/swimming inside it is the highlight of the piece and it gets better when you plug it in and it lights up as a table lamp. How fucking cool is that!!! Its even got detailed bubbles and shit man. Thats dope as fuck!

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  • Logitech 3 2

    Logitech Z906 5.1

    9 out of 10 people we surveyed outside said they have a nice tv but a shit sound system. A lot of them said they want something that is as immersive as their 4k games and movies. Problem is most people buy shitty speakers that are entry level garbage and have really bad tuning. What you want is a tuned setup that at the very least will shake the room with thunderous bass and crystal clear voices. This Logitech 5.1 setup with THX certification will make you feel every scene. It is loud…very loud.

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  • Oven liner 1 2

    Non-Stick Oven Liner

    If someone asked you how many times you fucked up food in the oven or just let it all collect at the bottom… what would you answer? Or are you the type of person that uses foil on the oven floor. Whatever you answered is wrong. The right answer is this oven liner. It collects all the food you fuck up and then is easy to pick up and clean. It will save you hundreds of hours of tears and frustration and security deposits. That last one alone makes it worth it!

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