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  • Coaster

    Wooden Drink Carpets

    Now these are the kind of drink carpets I would put my drink on. This is the kind of shit you would see in some billionaire dudes house. These are the kind of coasters people pick up while they are drinking and go “Dang, Lucy got them wooden coasters… Lucy got taste”.

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  • Vertex zero

    Vertex ZERO moss terrarium

    This absolutely stunning moss terrarium is handmade and unique in every aspect. No design is the same so you are getting something that is forever unique. A perfect way to add some life to your workspace and make it feel more vibrant and vivid.

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  • Moss 1

    Living Moss Wall

    A living moss wall that requires no maintenance or even sunlight. Stays alive for up to 10 years. Hanging this on a wall is instantly going to make the room brighter. Featured in some fancy home interior design magazine so you know this is the real deal the bees knees. 

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  • Mandala 1

    Glowing Mandala

    If you are looking to visit other galaxies or speak to God or visualize the universe as a grain of sand then you are gonna need some tools. Start with this glow in the dark Mandala tapestry that will reach in and open your third eye.

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  • ezgif.com gif maker

    TikTok Slinky Slug

    Its that Tik Tok slug! Get yours while supplies last. Its 3d printed and comes in 3 different sizes. Articulates so you can fidget with it when you are bored.

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  • Shoe Goo

    Shoe Goo

    Ever tried to fix your own shoes? That arts and crafts glue little Suzy uses for school is not strong enough. What you need and were missing is shoe goo. Supposedly its infused with elephant DNA for that extra strength to make sure that what ever two pieces of your shoe you goo together, they goo together for life. Goo away!

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  • Pillow defogger

    Pillow Shaped Defogger

    Its a pillow shaped defogger for your car. A PILLOW SHAPED DEFOGGER. Why is it pillow shaped? Why does it need to be pillow shaped? These are probably the questions you were not going to ask but…. here they are. So, this thing is apparently doper than the pope when it comes to defogging. 

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  • Fridge carpet 1

    Fridge Carpet

    My biggest gripe with fridges is that if you spill something it is a monumental task to clean one tray. Some dude figured out that we can add like a fridge carpet thing to the ice box and let it absorb any spills and keep them contained. Makes cleaning a breeze.

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  • Virgin Coconut 1

    Organic Coconut Oil Capsules

    So you are looking to become a healthy person and shed all those pandemic pounds. These virgin coconut oil pills are perfect to supplement your training and weight loss program. Give it a shot, all you have to lose is your weight.

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  • Mailer 1

    Bubble Mailers

    If somehow you end up finding yourself in need of mailing someone a package then these bubble protected mailers will ensure your mail stays in one piece. Also the dude in the picture is so happy looking at his blue mailer. I want someone to look at me like that.

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