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  • Coaster

    Wooden Drink Carpets

    Now these are the kind of drink carpets I would put my drink on. This is the kind of shit you would see in some billionaire dudes house. These are the kind of coasters people pick up while they are drinking and go “Dang, Lucy got them wooden coasters… Lucy got taste”.

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  • Vertex zero

    Vertex ZERO moss terrarium

    This absolutely stunning moss terrarium is handmade and unique in every aspect. No design is the same so you are getting something that is forever unique. A perfect way to add some life to your workspace and make it feel more vibrant and vivid.

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  • Moss 1

    Living Moss Wall

    A living moss wall that requires no maintenance or even sunlight. Stays alive for up to 10 years. Hanging this on a wall is instantly going to make the room brighter. Featured in some fancy home interior design magazine so you know this is the real deal the bees knees. 

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  • Mandala 1

    Glowing Mandala

    If you are looking to visit other galaxies or speak to God or visualize the universe as a grain of sand then you are gonna need some tools. Start with this glow in the dark Mandala tapestry that will reach in and open your third eye.

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  • mask 1

    Smart Mask

    The mask reacts when you speak and emotes that with LEDs on the outside and it also has LEDs for its goggles and they react as well. Why wait for the future when you can live it right now or some other profound quote.

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  • Art 1

    Fancy Home Wall Art

    So, now you want to decorate but are on a tight budget. What you are going to need is that fancy, modern, abstract but bright looking art. You have to make sure that the wall complements the painting so paint it like a black or a dark gray which might also be a light black. I dont know how colors work.

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  • Pokemon 1

    Sleeping Charmander Terrarium

    A very unique find that is immensely growing in popularity. Over 700+ sales to date and practically every rating is 5/5. This is one of those rare items that delivers quality, function and value. Can be bought with or with a light.

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  • Earring 1

    The Melissa Earring

    Make a statement with these stunning earrings that takes a classic style and adds a bit of flair to it. Heads will turns and necks will strain, this necklace will have insurance companies hating you.

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  • Astronaut 2

    Astronaut Light Bulb

    If you fancy having an astronaut with a lightbulb for a head as a night stand light then you have come to the right place amigo. Hand cast with designer resin bonding, this piece is a very unique item for your collection. 

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  • Shark 1

    Shark In Epoxy with LED Light

    Feast your eyes on this handcrafted Shark diorama with a LED base light! Add this to your workspace! Its like a power move if you have it in your office. Co workers will all be like “Dang! dudes a Shark” or something. I dont know. I work from home.

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  • buds 1

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

    These Samsung kidney beans produce high quality sound with some amazing noise cancelling to make you go “wow I did not know that kidneys can do that”. Tuned by AKG for studio quality sound!

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  • SKU 01 Gold

    Moto 360 3rd Gen

    The Moto 360 is the watch that truly jump started the smartwatch era. This latest iteration is no compromise and evolves on its predecessors strengths and design. Upgraded with faster hardware and a round display, it will have you almost forget that it is more than a watch. 

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