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  • ezgif.com gif maker

    TikTok Slinky Slug

    Its that Tik Tok slug! Get yours while supplies last. Its 3d printed and comes in 3 different sizes. Articulates so you can fidget with it when you are bored.

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  • Shoe Goo

    Shoe Goo

    Ever tried to fix your own shoes? That arts and crafts glue little Suzy uses for school is not strong enough. What you need and were missing is shoe goo. Supposedly its infused with elephant DNA for that extra strength to make sure that what ever two pieces of your shoe you goo together, they goo together for life. Goo away!

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  • Pillow defogger

    Pillow Shaped Defogger

    Its a pillow shaped defogger for your car. A PILLOW SHAPED DEFOGGER. Why is it pillow shaped? Why does it need to be pillow shaped? These are probably the questions you were not going to ask but…. here they are. So, this thing is apparently doper than the pope when it comes to defogging. 

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  • Fridge carpet 1

    Fridge Carpet

    My biggest gripe with fridges is that if you spill something it is a monumental task to clean one tray. Some dude figured out that we can add like a fridge carpet thing to the ice box and let it absorb any spills and keep them contained. Makes cleaning a breeze.

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  • Virgin Coconut 1

    Organic Coconut Oil Capsules

    So you are looking to become a healthy person and shed all those pandemic pounds. These virgin coconut oil pills are perfect to supplement your training and weight loss program. Give it a shot, all you have to lose is your weight.

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  • Mailer 1

    Bubble Mailers

    If somehow you end up finding yourself in need of mailing someone a package then these bubble protected mailers will ensure your mail stays in one piece. Also the dude in the picture is so happy looking at his blue mailer. I want someone to look at me like that.

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  • retractable clothesline link in comments viralproducts scloudtomp3downloader.com

    Retractable Clothesline

    If you are still using a dryer to dry your clothes then you are wrong according to some learned people on the internet. If you hang dry them then they maintain their quality and dont shrink. Hang drying will maintain that new crisp feeling.

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  • Easily open any jar with this tool link in comment

    Jar Opener

    Struggling to open jars because for some reason companies want to tighten the shit out these fuckers. Struggle no more, fellow struggler! With the handy jar opener, you can open any jar with an ever so light a twist.

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  • Sweets

    Surprise Mexican Candy Box

    If the local sugar supply isn’t doing it for you anymore then my friend its time you dip into Mexican waters and enjoy yourself some delectables from the land of amazing food & helpful people. Its a win win. 

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  • Art 1

    Fancy Home Wall Art

    So, now you want to decorate but are on a tight budget. What you are going to need is that fancy, modern, abstract but bright looking art. You have to make sure that the wall complements the painting so paint it like a black or a dark gray which might also be a light black. I dont know how colors work.

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  • Bourbon 1

    Bourbon Candle For Those Stuck In The Past

    So you are more than just an aficionado of Bourbon. You love how it reminds you of times old when daddy and his friends came over and had bourbon and laughed loudly talking business or whatever it is they did. Now carry on the legacy without the fried livers with this bourbon candle. 

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  • Body Polish

    Amazing Human Body Polish

    Your skin sheds slowly over a period of 2-4 weeks so its a good idea to scrub once a month at the minimum. This body polish infused with citrus and lavender will have you glowing like a lighthouse with skin smoother than silk.

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