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  • Ultra Blue Water Based Glow in The Dark Paint

    You know that movie where that dude goes around writing ” I know what you did last summer”. Well its your turn to do the same but you can write whatever you want. Wait for nightfall and hear the screams of your enemies. Scare them with their deepest darkest secrets exposed in glow in the dark paint. Or you know, you can paint stuff with this too, stuff that glows in the dark or whatever. 

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  • The Gift Of Nothing

    So you asked your Girlfriend what she wants as a gift. She goes, nothing. Give her this and tell her its exactly what she asked for. She puts up a fight, gift her communication lessons. She leaves you, you were too good for her anyways. What kind of person does not appreciate literal humor. Like are people even trying anymore. Anyways, if any one sees Emma, please tell her to come home, I cant figure out what to wear anymore.

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  • Liquid Ass

    Ever wondered how you could clear an entire room in seconds? Want a handy escape strategy? Date not going well? Pushy salesman? Bank not approving your credit card? The choices with liquid ass are endless. This little handy bottle will open doors and windows (quite literally) where ever its sprayed. Keep a few handy.

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