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  • Art 1

    Wall Art For Fancy Homes

    So somehow you ended up with a property and now you want to decorate it but are on a tight budget. We get it, we dont judge round these parts. So what you are gonna need is that fancy, modern, abstract but bright looking art work for your bare walls and you dont just hang em up. You have to make sure that the wall complements the painting so paint it like a black or a dark gray which might also be a light black. I dont know how colors work. Anyways get this and you will smile.

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  • Tub table 1

    Fancy Bath Tray

    They say some of our best ideas come to us in the throne room and they say that most of us fail to act on ideas that could potentially be worth millions or even billions, either cause we forget or cause we never revisit our throne room revelations. With the tub table caddy you can sit down in your tub and come up with legendary ideas and jot them down in your handy notebook supported by this marvelous hand made invention. Or you could zoom with your team all from the comfort of your tub or just work from tub! 

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  • Buddha d 1

    Beautiful Buddha Statues

    I feel that just by staring at these 2 little buddhas I am already like calm and shit. I mean that seriously! Like they have this chill out bro and slow down vibe. The craftsmanship on these is also stunning. The colors are nice and bright and the details are… what’s the word?… detailed! These sell like hotcakes and there is usually a waiting period. Seize the opportunity if you get it. Everyone needs a little buddha in their lives!

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  • Inferno 2

    Inferno Grill

    Inferno grill is what happens when you ask the Germans to make a backyard grill that will cook any meat to perfection in the shortest amount of time. It will make every other backyard grill look like a clunker. This is the Maybach of grills. Cook with sheer confidence. At this level you dont even need to spice your meats. They will spice themselves in this bad boi. 1500 degrees of sheer fucking heat harnessed for your pleasure.

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  • Monopoly Luxury 1

    Monopoly Luxury Edition

    Monopoly Luxury Edition was created for the discerning few. The ones that dont understand the concept of a discount or a Black Friday sale. They believe that the price on the sticker is the price of the item. There is no such thing as a negotiation. An item has worth if it brings status. You have the LV bags, the Lamborghinis and the mansions but do you have this finely crafted, rich leather bound, intricately detailed monopoly board. No you dont is the answer. If you did then you would not be reading this. You would be buying one more for your summer home in the Hamptons (I’m not rich but I know rich people always go there). Please only click and buy if you can afford this. Do not waste the postings time.

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  • Valve 1 1

    Valve Index

    VR devices are getting so much better at what they are suppose to do and the kind of content we are supposed to enjoy it with is really pushing the boundaries. The Valve Index is the VR flagship, the king pin, the boss, the don and the benchmark. Play VR games with unparalleled immersiveness with room scale VR. Thats right bichachos. You can walk around with this bad boy and experience games in the dopest way possible. If you have not tried VR and are getting into it… this is what you want. This is the device when you finally learn from your mistakes.

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  • Diver 1 2

    Sea Diver Trapped In Resin

    If you looked at this and went “WOW that’s cool” then you and the Alpaca are on the same page! Thats rare! Treasure it. This resin piece with a diver trapped/swimming inside it is the highlight of the piece and it gets better when you plug it in and it lights up as a table lamp. How fucking cool is that!!! Its even got detailed bubbles and shit man. Thats dope as fuck!

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  • PS 1

    PlayStation Classic

    Ahhhh the PlayStation. Such fond memories of an era gone by. Things used to be simple back then. You would go out and get a game, pop it in and start playing. No updates, no internet, just you and the game. It was the one ounce of happiness that a lot of us had and shared with our friends and loved ones. Playing late into the night, snacks everywhere, absurdly difficult levels and that beautiful grey console chugging along. It never disappointed. It just kept going and it just got better and better. This one is for people who want to keep a piece of the past. You may no longer have the Daddy PS but you can have this reimagination with 20 built in games. Its cheap too! 

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  • table 1

    Christopher Knight Home Rotating Coffee Table

    If you are still buying furniture from Ikea then I am proud of you but would still recommend a bit of variety in your life. Try something new, bit of an adventure so to speak. Start with this beautiful coffee table that rotates and shit. I mean its like something out of a movie where some rich dude impresses his nemesis with this table. Think about it. Total power move. Rotate this table and the nemesis is like “Fuck, dude has style” Easy win. Durable and stylish. Worth the investment. What else will you spend that money on anyways?

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  • memo

    A5 memobottle

    So you have become a big timey business man and now carry a side bag with all your necessities. A nice leather bag mind you! People stare at you when you walk by, muttering to themselves at how they want to be you. The sun blazes on and the temperature rises thanks to global warming caused by one of the companies you funded but that’s alright, you made a cool 100 mill on the deal. You pull out the A5 water bottle; slim and compact yet filled to the brim. Panties and boxers drop in a 100 mile radius as you quench your thirst from this marvelous glass wonder bottle. Life is good!

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  • Sumo 1

    Sumo Wrestler Sculpture End Table

    Sumo wrestlers are notoriously strong and huuuugeeee. So it only makes sense to have a replica sumo wrestler end table for your house. Project power and strength within your house and impress your guests with your eccentric purchases. They will never see it coming. Imaging having a party and a guest goes “my god man, is that a sumo wrestler end table?” and you take a deep puff from your pipe and reply “yes it is”. Power move!. Instant promotion. 

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  • Trailer 1

    Trailer Valet

    When it comes to reversing with a trailer, left is right and right is left (possibly). Your brain is not capable of processing this information and if it were, there would be no need for this product but its existence implies that your brain no worky. The remote controlled trailer valet will make short work of reversing and parking your trailer and you get to do it with a smartphone. Imagine all the hot mothers at the camping ground watching you park your trailer like their husbands down a beer. You will be the alpha at the trailer park!

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