Baby Mop

So you produced a smaller version of yourself and the freeloader just sits there screaming and crying and keeping you up at night. Pays no rent the little shit but makes all the demands and practically runs the household. Well, you can trick them into helping you clean the house by getting them this onesie that is essentially a mop. Let them crawl and wiggle around the house all the while cleaning the mess they make. If they puke on the floor, well, the mop is right there. They dropped a steamer, well, the mop is right there. Never worry about cleaning. Multiple sizes available so you are good for a while.

Product Description

Baby Mop specs:

  • The original since 1998 from “99 more useless Japanese inventions”
  • Works for any surface
  • For your babies or as a gift for new-borns
  • Babies were never meant to be a trouble. Enjoy watching them clean your house.
  • Witness the moment when a person becomes useful the first time in its life.