Brainstream SOI The Original Purse Light

The many mysteries of our universe continue to motivate us to search for answers. Be it the distant galaxies in space or the wonders that hide in the deepest parts of our ocean. There is however, another mystery that has confounded the brightest of minds on the planet. Brilliant minds like Hawking and Einstein have famously said “just how the fuck do they even work?” My confused friends, I am talking about a woman’s hand bag. Yes there are no mysteries deeper than this magical contraption. Hermione fit an entire tent in hers and I once saw a woman pull out an entire fucking burrito out of hers. How do they even work? Well in any case you will need this light that will help in pulling out the wonders that live in your hand bag. Motion activated and everything!

Product Description

  • The SOI. comes with an intergrated sensor that detects the moving hand and makes it turn on and will automatically turn off in 10 seconds, say goodby to buttons and switches and say hello to the perfect gift to yourself or a friend
  • A study has recently revealed that women spend 76 days of their life searching searching through their purse, SOI finally offers a solution to that endless search for keys, phone, and what not
  • An anti-slip silicone ring guarantees a safe grasp for the SOI when outside of the purse
  • SOI can be used by the bedside as a lamp or nightlight and is small and lightweight so you can take it anywhere while traveling
  • The SOI has a timeless design and is also sustainable, as it comes with replaceable batteries that last 6000 cycles of operation and is packaged in recycled cardboard


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