LED Bulb Humidifier

Humidifiers are cool, they help humidify (lol) your place and prevent that thing on your face from drying out. Plus if you have allergies and are constantly blowing your nose then you know how much of a lifesaver these things really are. Problem with humidifiers is they either look like someone took a flower pot and turned it into a humidifier or someone stripped out some serious looking medical thing. They are never pleasing to the eye. This one changes that with its bulb design with palm trees and RGB LED (dope as fuck) lights. Seriously this shit is tighter than my pants after an all you can eat buffet.

Product Description

  • The bulb humidifier use food grade materials, micro ultrasonic atomization technology, spray evenly delicate moisten thoroughly, effectively blocking the electrostatic drying caused by radiation, reduce the harm to the body, keep the skin supple and shiny
  • This light colorful gradient, heart color, colorful night lights magnificent, add unlimited colors to your life simulation of plants, using environmental protection non-toxic plants, decorative stones, the products of diagonal loading role, have the function of adsorbing the impurities stones
  • This cool humidifier can be placed vertically and placed at the bottom of the unique design of tilt, design, multi angle display, face switch, switch to your adorable smile used to add the taste
  • ADAPTABLE: Versatile plug in choices with USB Cable & Adapter will provide you flexible recharging options. General USB power cord, practical and convenient spray time 6 hours, the water tank water can be sprayed for 10 hours, for your machine life is longer, it is recommended that you use mineral water, do not recommend you add oil, vinegar, perfume, etc.
  • Product standard:lighting a sponge applicator and a humidifier, a data line, english instructions and versatile plug in choices with USB cable & adapter