Butcher’s Kitchen Impressor Plus+

There is nothing more satisfying then beating your meat repeatedly until it feels absolutely soft to the touch. The problem with beating your meat repeatedly is that it can become quite dry which can lead to chaffed cheeks. There is a way to both beat your meat and make sure that marinade seeps all the way in for maximum pleasure. Tiny blades on the tenderizer will create enough spacing in the meat to allow juices to seep in so its juicy with every mouthful. You know you want your meat juicy and tenderized. Dry meat leads to sadness.

Product Description

  • Ergonomic interchangeable handle
  • A 60 stainless steel piercing blade attachment great for fast marinating brining and tenderizing
  • A smooth pounding plate attachment great for forming cutlets, cracking crab or crushing garlic and nuts
  • A course pounding plate attachment with a traditional meat mallet like surface.
  • Universal storage base all parts dishwasher ready


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