Cat Paw Cup

Hello there crazy cat lady/guy/battleship! Cant get enough of your murder mittens or still desperately single? Not that it matters or is relevant (lol) but you can add a bit more cat to your life with these adorable and chonky cat paw cups. Perfect for any beverage you fancy, these frosted cups with paw pattern will have you going aww at every sip. Treat yo self!

Product Description

  • The chubby cute cat claw cup design adds a bit of fun and enjoyment to your use. There are two patterns as shown in the figure, the capacity is 300ml (10.6 oz.) .
  • The glass cup is frosted and the bottom of the cup is printed with kitten claws.
  • The heat-resistant glass design provides excellent insulation and keeps your fingers safe.
  • The cat claw glass cup is suitable for coffee, milk, espresso, latte, hot and cold.


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