Chicken Harness

So apparently you can have a chicken as an emotional support animal. Which is cool and all and we dont judge but a harness? Like what do we even write here. Makes sure your chicken wont run away? Or take your pet chicken for a walk? Do people do that? Take their chicken for a walk? Like does the chicken walk with you like a dog? Or does it do its own thing and the leash is merely a suggestion? Anyways, Chicken Harness. Buy it if you have a chicken and want to take it for a walk.

Product Description

  • EASY TO ADJUST – ENSURE A COMFY FIT: Our chicken harnesses are truly adjustable and easy to wear. Adjust the size to your needs to make sure your chickens are 100% comfy no matter what. No more feeling uncomfortable. You will not worry that the chicken will get rid of harness when walking the chicken at street.
  • ENHANCE CHICKEN TRAINING TO THE FULLEST: Teach your fowls to walk on a leash and find your peace of mind again. Facilitate their training and walking performances with the Yesito harness on. It’s that easy. Try it and see for yourself.
  • MADE TO LAST – ULTRA RESILIENT FABRIC: Boasting a durable, breathable and reinforced mesh fabric, this pet leash and harness set can stand everyday wear and tear. No more seams coming loose and stitching falling apart. We’ve got you covered.
  • We give three colors of bow ties for each Chicken Harness: You can match it with the color you like when walking the chicken. which makes it more personalized and become the focus