Chill-O-Matic Drink Chiller

The wife left you? Life going no where? Drank all the cold ones in one sitting? Need an ice cold drink fast before the demons consume you slowly? Fear not fellow drinker!!! The Chill-o-Matic beverage cooler will cool your drink in just 60 seconds. Thats enough time for you to stumble to the washroom, throw up, wipe away the tears, scream and walk back just in time for that ice cold drink. Why deal with adversity like a normal human being when you can be dramatic and just drink your sorrow away, one ice cold drink at a time. Highly recommended for new couples

Product Description

  • RAPID BEVERAGE CHILLER FOR ON THE GO! The beverage cooler that will get your room temperature 12 oz. drink ice cold in 60 seconds flat
  • BEVERAGE CHILLER FOR ICE COLD SODA OR BEER – – Automatic system works 240 times faster than a conventional freezer, Designed to fit any standard-size soda/beer can
  • PORTABLE BLAST CHILLER FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES – Drink chiller is lightweight and easy to transport for use at parties, picnics, barbecues, on holiday etc
  • AWARD WINNING BEER CHILLER – Use only the best! Chill-o-Matich rapid beverage cooler has been used by millions worldwide as a beer chiller or soda can chiller
  • EASY-TO-USE DRINK CHILLER – Simple design makes it quick to cool your drinks. Runs on two AA batteries
  • CAN CHILLER FOR THOSE WHO LIKE THEIR BEER ICE COLD! A ziploc bag of ice can chill up to 12 cans!
  • DRINK COOLER FOR ON THE GO! The perfect gift for all you beer enthusiasts our there!


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