Rotating Coffee Table

If you are still buying furniture from Ikea then I am proud of you but would still recommend a bit of variety in your life. Try something new, bit of an adventure so to speak. Start with this beautiful coffee table that rotates and shit. I mean its like something out of a movie where some rich dude impresses his nemesis with this table. Think about it. Total power move. Rotate this table and the nemesis is like “Fuck, dude has style” Easy win. Durable and stylish. Worth the investment. What else will you spend that money on anyways?

Product Description

Rotating Coffee Table:

  • 23. 75 inches L x 31. 50 inches W x 13 inches h
  • Constructed of solid wood
  • Rotating top feature
  • Minor assembly required, (tools and instructions included)
  • Stylish in its modern contemporary design, the Haring Rotating wood coffee table offers a clear late 60’s vibe to any room It is placed in. With a rotating top this table is multi functional and unique. Make a statement in your home with the Haring Rotating wood coffee table