Divoom Pixoo-Max Pixel Display

The bored alpaca personally considers this the ultimate device to fuel your nerdgasm. A high resolution 32×32 pixel display will showcase any pixel art/animation on your wall, desk, washroom or kitchen (why limit yourself). The smartphone app (IOS/Android) is powered by a talented community of pixel artists and you can even set a slide show to display a variety of pixel art from your favorite games and movies to abstract creations. Also works as a clock and weather display. Adjustable brightness and built in battery will allow you to run it without any wires and ensure maximum portability. Treat yo self foo!

Product Description

  • Meet Pixoo-Max Pixel Display – Our most popular smart pixel display with a 9.6” LED screen. It is our most advanced LED pixel screen with a 32×32 pixel size display. A big upgrade from the previous generation in terms of clarity and stability
  • Easy-to-use APP for IOS/Android
  • World-class Pixel Community – The Divoom app pixel forum provides a platform for pixel lovers all over the world. You can view or download animations designed by a talented community


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