Dragon Bubble Bath Bomb

Lets face it, being a grown up is a lot of work and its so difficult to make time to enjoy the little things or just take a break once in a while. These Dragon bath bombs will wash away the stress and calm those jittery nerves from the 100 cups of coffee you have had. And the best part is that each bath bomb comes with a dragon surprise. This is like the best deal in the history of deals, maybe ever. Ask anyone!

Product Description

  • Your kiddo adult ass will love the colorful scented water, surprise toys inside, and did we mention- a lot of BUBBLES! Unlike other bath bombs, ours actually create a Bubble Bath! This Kids Bath Bomb Variety Set includes vibrant, kid-friendly colors and different fragrances to make bath time FUN and EXCITING: Berry, Cherry, or Banana. No matter what your day was like, it always ends better with a Two Sisters Bubble Bath!
  • We’ve found the widest variety of treasures that we know your kids will love! Compare our surprises to the small generic plastic figures offered by most others – don’t settle for less than the best! All our products are handmade in the US by a team of flex-working moms. All surprises used in our Bath Bombs have passed U.S. Toy and Jewelry Safety Testing for Kids Products.
  • We only use high quality USA-Sourced Ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin and won’t stain your tub! All of our products are Handmade by Moms and are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Phthalate-Free, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO, and Eco-Friendly. We don’t use ingredients we wouldn’t use on our own children.


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