Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System

Are you the kind of person that goes for a 20k run with a 20 pound backpack? If so then the extrememist hydration kit will keep you cool and quench your thirst at the same time. Spray cool water in your face as you leave your competition in the dust.

Product Description

  • š‚šŽšŒšš€š“šˆšš‹š„ š–šˆš“š‡ ššŽšš”š‹š€š‘ š‡š˜šƒš‘š€š“šˆšŽš šš€š‚šŠš’ ā€“ The Retrofit Kit can be installed in your favorite hydration pack, leaving the drinking hose intact for added misting functionality. Retrofit kit Includes fittings and adapters, PCS misting pump, rechargeable battery and 8 speed wireless remote control
  • šš‘šŽš…š„š’š’šˆšŽšš€š‹ š†š‘š€šƒš„ ā€“ Compact and lightweight only 16 oz.The Retrofit Kit provides a continuous fine cold mist cloud that allows the user to always walk/run/cycle into. Reduces air temperature up to 30F. Controlled by a wireless 8 speed remote control and comes included with both a 0.015mm mist nozzle and 0.020mm nozzle for higher mist density.
  • ššŽš–š„š‘š…š”š‹ šš€š“š“š„š‘š˜ – Go further with a long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that lasts 12+ hours between charges and features a USB Power bank to charge your devices so you never have to worry about your phone going dead in the backcountry!
  • šš„š‘š…š„š‚š“ š†šˆš…š“ ā€“ The perfect hydration pack addition for the summer heat! Makes a great gift for those who love the outdoors, our cooling backpack makes a great gift for cyclists, runners, climbers, hikers, and more.
  • š‚šŽšŽš‹š„š’š“ š“š‡šˆšš† š”ššƒš„š‘ š“š‡š„ š’š”š – ExtremeMist is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona where staying cool and hydrated is vital. We have created the highest quality, most comprehensive personal cooling, misting, and fitness equipment available. Stay out longer and recover faster with Extreme Mist.