Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System

Are you the kind of person that wakes up at 4 in the morning and goes for a 20k run every day up a hill with a 20 pound backpack cause life is your bitch and you ain’t bitch made. Those monster calves that you are building need hydration but you are in the zone and dont want to slow down and quench your thirst. Well my kangaroo friend the extrememist hydration kit will keep you cool and quench your thirst at the same time. Spray cool water in your face and leave your competition in the dust. You are a class above and you deserve this water pack thing.

Product Description

  • We go beyond simple hydration and keep you cool with a cooling mist pump. Keep refreshed and stay in the zone with a refreshing mist. Control your mist with a rugged remote that clips to your backpack.
  • Upgrade your hydration backpack to spray a cooling mist in minutes! This system works with any water bladder or reservoir and leaves the drinking hose intact so you can mist and drink. The power bank battery can even be used as a phone charger.
  • This lightweight kit includes our water atomizing compact PCS pump system with rechargeable battery and charging cable. A rugged clipable remote control delivers mist whenever you need. We include all the fitting and tubing you need for setup.
  • Mister Backpack Kits are the perfect gifts and gear for cyclists, runners, climbers, hikers, and more. Stay cool, comfortable, and hydrated during running, cycling, rock climbing, bike riding, kayaking, hiking, biking, or whatever your adventure is.
  • ExtremeMist is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona where staying cool and hydrated is vital. We’ve created the highest quality, most comprehensive personal cooling and misting equipment available. Stay out longer and recover faster with ExtremeMist.


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