Fish Bubble Wall Hanging Bowl

Having an aquarium is one of the coolest things anyone can do. It instantly livens up the place, adds some life to a boring room and instantly increases your level of responsibility. Dont let the last one turn you off though, it is still an amazingly rewarding experience. Getting a full size one can be expensive and it can be a bit too much for a beginner, many start with something small, like this wall hanging aquarium that is perfect for small betta fish. Self sustaining with minimal attention needed, this aquarium will set you on a path to a hobby that will forever change your perspective on pets.

Product Description

  • High quality clear acrylic wall fish tank, clear as glass, the back was stocked with beige paper, just in case scratches, you can take it off if you want a clear background.
  • 9.0 in. Width: 4.0 in. Measured by different ways, small error is allowed. 
  • This wall fish bowl has a small hole on the top, and will also come with a small wall anchor for easy hanging.
  • A useful fish tank for home or office décor, you can put plants, colorful stones or fishes in it , these fish bowl will make your wall interesting and full of vitality!


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