Fridge Carpet

My biggest gripe with fridges is that if you spill something it is a monumental task to clean one tray. Some dude figured out that we can add like a fridge carpet thing to the ice box and let it absorb any spills and keep them contained. Makes cleaning a breeze.

Product Description

  • Material: EVA, Safe to be used in contact with food directly. safe to file fruit and vegetables in refrigerator.
  • Size:45x30x0.1cm(17.69×11.4×0〞),Package Includes: 5Pcs(Random color),Heat Resistant:80°c ~ -30°c.
  • Can be cut into any size you need, used as a refrigerator mat to keep fruits and vegetables fresher, dress up your book shelves, drawer, counter top, dining table or even desk
  • Made from porous foam fridge liners, features a cushioning effect. Easy to clean and fast to dry.
  • We are confident that you will enjoy the benefits provided by these fridge liners