Geodesic Dome Igloo

Great for outdoor tea parties if you live in a rainy area or for your little crotch goblins to play in safely without being exposed to the elements. Have an outdoor slumber party for adults. Build your own tiny little nook in the backyard or a library! A library would be dope!

Product Description

Geodesic Dome Igloo deets:

  • Sunlight is always transmitted at right angles throughout the day.
  • Excellent air flow is maintained even in warm, still weather conditions. The heat inside is distributed evenly at all points.
  • The geodesic dome form is superior to conventional shaped rooms in sustaining better airflow and a uniform temperature on the inside.
  • The geodesic form of the dome allows the design withstand strong winds (up to 31 mi/h) or snow conditions (max. 90 lbs).
  • Garden Igloo has a diameter of 11′ 9″. Max height is 7′ 2″. Base area is 107 ft²