Glass Washer with Double Sided Bristle Brush

The problem with working from home is that you end up using the same coffee mug again and again and again. You rinse it every now and then with hot water and maybe scrub it but you know you keep telling yourself that its just coffee. All the while the coffee scales have been building up a tiny little colony at the base of the cup, the rim of the cup feels weird and slippery and the cup has a weird but not too bad odor. The whole reason you are putting off a good scrubbing is because you are lazy and your mother did not raise you right. Fear not my average person. The suction cup scrub thing will have you cleaning your cup in like 10 seconds flat (at least that’s what my Girlfriend said). You can easily last that long. Get yourself one and clean that damn cup!

Product Description

  • Makes life easy
  • Has bristles
  • to clean
  • what else you want to know?
  • how are mom and dad?


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