Double Sided Bristle Brush

The problem with working from home is that you end up using the same coffee mug again and again and rinsing and washing it is a whole process. This simplifies it! The suction cup scrub will have you cleaning your cup in like 10 seconds flat!

Product Description

Double Sided Bristle specs:

  • This wine glass brush has two brushes that can clear the inner and outer walls of the quilt at the same time. 360 degree no dead angle cleaning decontamination, convenient and time saving.
  • The two brushes are made of PP PVC, the bristles are just flexible, moderately soft and hard, can strongly clear stubborn dirt.
  • 3 suction cups that can be firmly attached to the wall, table and more. It can also be removed and stored.
  • Suction cup installation, strong adsorption, adsorption on the wall, table top, convenient storage does not take up space.
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