Grass Flip Flops

You’ve heard of walking on sunshine but have you heard of walking on grass. No? Strap the fuck in cause this shit is insane. Flip flops but they have grass on the inside and when you step on it, I fucking kid you not, it literally feels like you are standing on grass. It feels refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Thats like some voodoo shit. Everyone should try these at the very least. They are genuinely quite fun to wear. Now no matter where you walk, you will have green grass beneath your feet. Start a trend in your city and tag us on Insta. We will insult you there.

Product Description

  • Rubber
  • Grass Flip Flops come in two exciting styles!
  • Two-tone strap gives sandals an extra pop of color
  • Made with high quality durable materials
  • Great for Adults & Children