Indoor Tent

Are you the adventurer type but hate going outdoors into the woods to make camp. Miss the comfort of home, Netflix and access to delivery? You can have all that and  the adventure with the indoor tent. Shielded from the elements and natures fiercest predators, you are the king of your domain. Adventure on dollar store Bear Grylls!

Product Description

  • For both adults and children, It is a great solution when sharing a room with others. (Dorm, Siblings’ room, etc.) Give this tent to your children and they will go to bed on time, which means more relaxing time and privacy for you too! *wink wink*
  • The tent blocks drafty wind in the room while circulating fresh air inside through a mesh vent on top. Enjoy warm and cozy sleep. (Do NOT use near Fire or Flame.)
  • This canopy makes a great nook for reading, studying and meditating.