Inferno Grill

Inferno grill is what happens when you ask the Germans to make a backyard grill that will cook any meat to perfection in the shortest amount of time. It will make every other backyard grill look like a clunker. This is the Maybach of grills. Cook with sheer confidence. At this level you dont even need to spice your meats. They will spice themselves in this bad boi. 1500 degrees of sheer fucking heat harnessed for your pleasure.

Product Description

  • Quickly cook steak, fish, chicken and more with infrared grill that heats to 1500 degrees
  • Quick cooking should mean quick cleaning, easily remove the grill rack and all of its components and put them straight into the dishwasher
  • German crafted the inferno is built to last, propane fueled with a push start ignitor, OUTDOOR USE ONLY


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