Jar opener thingy

Your mother (who is a nice woman) finally gave you the family recipe for her award winning pasta. Your dumbass however forgot to open a jar or two while you were cooking and now your hands are all slippery and stuff. What do? Super Jar Opener thingy to the rescue. Use it to grip the lid and open the jar like it was a candy wrapper. Very easy to use and may cause an existential crisis. But take a deep breath and finish that bottle of wine.

Product Description

  • OPEN STUBBORN JARS OF ALL SIZES: Three durable jar grips provide superior grip when opening stubborn jars and containers of all sizes
  • THREE DIFFERNT SHAPES: Comes in three individual shapes and colors for every kind of jar
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Teal square and green round flat grip for large jars and red cone shaped ribbed grip for smaller bottles and jars
  • MAKES OPENING JARS EFFORTLESS: Takes the effort out of opening jars and removing lids
  • HAND WASH: Thes Jar Grips are made of rubber and please hand wash