Jellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish are a mystery even to mother nature. Their existence is a giant fuck you to life itself. No one really understands how these floaty bois are alive and thriving and anyone who claims to understand them is a jellyfish spy sent to spread misinformation. Capturing a jellyfish and keeping it alive in an aquarium is no easy task and they seem to for some inexplicable reason prefer the ocean (we hazard it might be due to the size). In any case if you fancy a jellyfish in a bottle that mimics the real life movements of the real thing then look no further my beady eyed friend. The jellyfish lamp will have you going “wow thats some dope ass jellyfish”

Product Description

  • IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE PEACE & CALM OF THE OCEAN: Watch jellyfish models swim quietly, creating a beautiful ambiance. Lifelike jellyfish movements are so realistic you will question if they are real. The overall effect with changing lights is simply mesmerizing fascinating relaxing & hypnotic. Ideal for your home, office, children’s room, doctor’s office, rehab institutes or day care centers. This is the Original authentic Large Tower Jellyfish lamp version only from Lightahead.
  • THE ULTIMATE SENSORY STIMULATION JELLYFISH LAMP FROM LIGHTAHEAD PIONEERS IN AQUARIUM LAMPS: The quiet movement of realistic life like Jellyfish in the tank with fascinating color changing lights create a beautiful Tranquil, peaceful & soothing deep-sea ambiance which could help reduce stress & anxiety. Great for children, adults & seniors with special needs, including dementia ADHD & autism. May helps improve mood & well-being.
  • FASCINATING COLOR CHANGING EFFECT. IDEAL FOR HOME OFFICE OR ANY INSTITUTION FOR PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Fascinating Color changing effects. With quiet motor. The Lamp comes with 2 pcs life like synthetic Jellyfish with 18 LED lights(6pcs Red+6pcs Blue+6pcs Green); 5 fascinating color light changing effects.
  • CREATE FANTASY BEDTIME STORIES FOR CHILDREN: Can also be used as a night light for kids. The gentle rhythmic movement of Jellyfish in this hypnotic colorful bubbling color changing jellyfish lamp could help create a great setting for calming your children to fall asleep.


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