Lava Lite Lava Lamp

Woah dude look at that little bubble, it kinda looks like a dinosaur is some of what you will be saying when you lay thine beady eyes on this magnificent lava lamp. Under certain mind altering conditions, you can amplify the effect and open your third eye to god himself. When you see him ask him how jellyfish poop.

Multiple colors and sizes to suit your “needs”. Plus it makes your room look cooler and when you have sexy times it adds to the ambience. Who needs candles???

Product Description

  • Classic retro-style 20-ounce lava lamp for home, dorm room, or office
  • Soothing slow-moving bubbles; yellow-wax/blue-liquid color scheme
  • Glass housing with brushed-steel base and matching top
  • Electrical cord for plug-in operation; 25-watt incandescent bulb included
  • Measures approximately 4-inch in diameter by 14.5-inch High; 90-day limited warranty
  • It is a modified glass globe design to improve the lamp’s performance. This design creates a wax plug at the bottom of the lamp to eliminate the chance of the lamp getting cloudy during transit. When the lamp is put into operation and it heats up the wax melts and the lamp preforms as designed


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