Mini Excavator

When I was a little Alpaca, all I had to play with was a couple of marbles and some random stones I found. Its not that toys didn’t exist, its just that they were not exciting enough for me. I needed things to move the very earth beneath my feet, I wanted to hear the audible squeals of other children as they would tremble in the presence of my mighty excavator but sadly this did not exist when I was tiny. It does exist now and if you have children they might enjoy the power that a mini excavator brings. Made of steel and extremely durable and comes with track wheel with go anywhere capabilities. I think I can lose enough weight to fit on this, fuck I need this!!!!

Product Description

  • Digger ride-on toy with scooping bucket and real working dual action lever allows your children to easily operate the digger while learning valuable coordination skills
  • Large metal digging shovel is Capable of rotating 360 degrees around the main digger base, enabling your children to scoop in one area and dump the load in another
  • Tracked wheels for easy forward and backward movements, wheels are made of resin with long-lasting rubberized tread to ensure better traction
  • High-impact blow-molded resin body for superb style and long-lasting durability; Capable of scooping up sand, loose dirt and snow
  • Recommended for children between ages three and six years old; maximum weight Capacity of 75 pounds on seat of digger


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