Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun

So you are married and cant stand each other anymore but also dont want to go to jail. Well this is somewhat cathartic but literal at the same time. With this wooden replica 1911 you can shoot your partner with rubber bands (not recommended) and take out that anger and frustration one band at a time. Again not actually recommended that you do it but we cant make decisions for you. Also good for target practice and shooting random inanimate objects or that fucking racoon that keeps raiding the backyard (I am on to you Smokey). Also dont take it outside the house if you live in America.

Product Description

Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun specs:

  • Modeled after the classic “1911” handgun
  • All wood construction. Made from solid Hard Maple and Walnut wood. No plastic pieces!
  • Semi-Automatically fires 6 rubber bands
  • Comes with 100 rubber bands
  • Easy to load and shoot