Monopoly Luxury Edition

Monopoly Luxury Edition was created for the discerning few. The ones that dont understand the concept of a discount or a Black Friday sale. They believe that the price on the sticker is the price of the item. There is no such thing as a negotiation. An item has worth if it brings status. You have the LV bags, the Lamborghinis and the mansions but do you have this finely crafted, rich leather bound, intricately detailed monopoly board. No you dont is the answer. If you did then you would not be reading this. You would be buying one more for your summer home in the Hamptons (I’m not rich but I know rich people always go there). Please only click and buy if you can afford this. Do not waste the postings time.

Product Description

  • Alfred get the gold bars please
  • We will play a round of Monopoly with the neighbors
  • Get some random car keys too
  • I feel like living on the edge today


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