Non-Stick Oven Liner

If someone asked you how many times you fucked up food in the oven or just let it all collect at the bottom… what would you answer? Or are you the type of person that uses foil on the oven floor. Whatever you answered is wrong. The right answer is this oven liner. It collects all the food you fuck up and then is easy to pick up and clean. It will save you hundreds of hours of tears and frustration and security deposits. That last one alone makes it worth it!

Product Description

  • FOR A CLEANER OVEN: catches all spills, drops and drips from from pies, casseroles, pizza etc. before they burn, smoke and bake-on to the hot oven bottom for a cleaner oven; BPA and PFOA free
  • EASY CLEANING: Safe, non-Stick PTFE is durable and cleans up easily; dishwasher safe
  • WORKS IN ALL OVENS: convection, electric, gas, microwave
  • SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY: save time, effort, and hard work time after time, use after use
  • VERSATILE, QUALITY MATERIAL: 16.5” X 23”, heavy duty professional grade but can be cut to size easily with household scissors; easily tolerates temperatures up to 500 degrees; can be used as an oven or pan liner, baking/cooking sheet or mat