Orange Man Toilet Brush

A clean toilet bowl is a sign of extreme intelligence. I’ll tell you what, it is a subtle notification that you have your shit together and are ready for whatever life throws at you. The people that are friends of mine that called to say, Donald, you too can have all that power with the ultimate toilet bowl cleaner!

Product Description

  • Make your toilet bowl great again by keeping it spick and span with this Trump toilet brush. Forty-five won’t disappoint as he puts his glorious golden faux-locks to work to drain that porcelain swamp. Your toilet is going to look so good folks, believe me.
  • 15 inch Brush with Holder,Trump hands actual size.
  • “No president has had a Toilet Brush like my Toilet Brush!”” “”I am automatically attracted to toilet bowls, I just start scrubbing, I just kiss, I don’t even wait and when your a toilet brush they let you do it.”” DJT
  • Trump may appear useful when scrubbing the rim.
  • Just Grab them by the handle…for those tough cleaning jobs.