Pocket Sun

Ever wanted to light up adjacent planets or see what the forest is hiding? Is night too dark and morning not bright enough? Ever wish you could compete with that orange and yellow ball of glowing fuck? Now you can do any of the above with your very own pocket sun. 90000 lumens of focused rage and intensity will have you questioning your own sanity and that of your partners for letting you buy this. Rechargeable and extremely fun. Just be safe and never point it at anyone ever.

Product Description

  • Industrial quality: Skid-Proof design & Water Resistant design (Impressive performance among handheld flashlights) Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling.
  • Modes: Low – High – Strobe ; up to 300 yards visibility in high mode even when it pitch dark, brighter and powerful!
  • USB Chargeable: Build-in Micro input port which allows you charging the tactical flashlight conveniently. USB chargeable makes it so handy to keep in the car.
  • Incredibly Reliable: Anti-slip design of flashlight body. Compact, shockproof and easy to use. Professional Led Flashlights For Police, Military, and Everyday Use.
  • Portable and reliable- This torch is convenient to pack in your truck, camping gear, or survival kit. The flash and SOS functions are life savers when doing roadside repairs or signaling for help. Highly reliable and easy to use, it is the perfect flashlight to have while camping, hiking, hunting, exploring, or even when taking the kids out trick-or-treating.


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