Rick & Morty Portal Gun

Hey brrrp Morty wanna brppp go on brppp an adventure?!, Morty! 20 burrpp minutes Morty brppp and out. I need brrp burp to brppp get some concentrated dark matter for burrpp my brrrp eye drops. Come on morty, get shwifty, you brppp are not brppp gonna leave burrpp me hanging brrp brrp right?

Product Description

Rick & Morty Portal Gun deets:

  • From Rick and Morty, the portal gun, as a life size toy replica
  • The toy portal gun is approximately 8-Inch long and is perfect for Rick and Morty fans.
  • Collect this portal gun with the other great Rick and Morty Collectibles from Funko!
  • Made in china