SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

With 240Hz refresh rate and an ultrawide panel with HDR 1000, you will see yourself get annihilated by some teenager in uber detail. Capable of displaying multiple windows side by side so you look busy and important to your friends when they come over. Great for gaming and watching videos at the same time or watching 2 videos at the same time because focus and multitasking are 2 wolves and you get to feed the one that creates more noise in your head. Great for bringing couples together!

Product Description

  • Get your head in the game with the 49-inch Odyssey G9, which matches the curve of the human eye, for maximum immersion and minimal eyestrain. With the screen space of two 27” panels, you can truly take command on the battlefield.
  • Product dimensions | Without stand – 45.18” W x 14.31” H x 11.46” D | With stand – 45.18” W x 21.15” H x 16.39” H | Weight without stand – 31.1 lbs. | Curvature – 1000R | Resolution – 5,120 x 1,440 | Refresh rate – 240Hz | Power cable length – 1.5 meters
  • See your games as they were meant to be seen, with Samsung HDR 1000 | Bring unrivalled depth to every world you choose to explore, and experience insane levels of detail in every scene
  • Customize your Odyssey with distinct core color customization, allowing you to match your monitor with the rest of your gaming setup | TV does not have in-built speakers but can hook with headphones or a sound system
  • The 49-inch DQHD resolution brings you a display as wide as two QHD monitors sitting side by side, with incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images | Experience a more encompassing view with maximum space to take in all the action


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