Saturn Lamp

There seems to be either a weird fascination or obsession with lamps that are round and resemble a heavenly body (that means in space). The Saturn lamp is yet another addition to the ever growing list of these round balls of light. This one changes colors and has a dimmer function. Looks great no matter where you put it because at the end of the day its a cool looking lamp for cool people. If you dont own one, you are not cool and are single.

Product Description

  • 3D printing of novelty Saturn shape with a ring, in the darkness of night, this cool light will work as a glittering planet in boundless universe, easily add fun to the room décor, perfect gift for kids, girls, baby.
  • 16 soft color options of the light and 4 pre-set modes, serve varied demands of décor effect, create the best ambience for party, engagement, reading, and give children a sense of safety and wonder at night.
  • High brightness and vibrant color decorate the room in exquisite taste. Low lighting makes the room cozier for rest. For this model, you can dim the light with 7 brightness levels smoothly, and the brightness memory function will remember last setting.
  • Dual control of this cute lamp helps you choose the best way to control it. You can easily turn on/off the lamp and change the color by touching the metal charging port at the bottom or remote controller.
  • Built with 500mAh polymer-lithium battery, 3 hours charging supports up to 8 hours of lighting, no frequent charging required. 5V USB charging cord is easily plugged into power bank, outlet, wall charger. Diameter: Ring-6.4 inch, Globe-4.7 inch.