Smoke & Spark Free Fire Pit

The best way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter is to stay inside. If for whatever insane reason you want to sit out in the cold and have a drink or whatever the fuck you wanna do then you need to have one of these smokeless fire pits. They produce a big flame and none of the smoke. This way at least you will be able to breathe as you slowly freeze and pretend the flame is warming you up and that the experience is enjoyable. Know this that it is only a matter of time before your wife and children leave you, wondering what went wrong in your childhood to make you torture your self like this.

Product Description

Smoke & Spark Free Fire Pit:

  • Ideal for patio & campsite use
  • Produces a larger flame, more heat & longer burn times
  • Burns clean & easy-to-handle wood pellets, producing minimal ash & requiring little cleanup
  • Produces maximum enjoyable flame utilizing a gravitational afterburner system, which minimizes smoke or holes in fabrics from sparks
  • Lightweight design