Stuffler Stuffed Waffle Maker

Human ingenuity and tenacity is one of our strongest strengths to the point where we can look at and consume something long enough to come to the conclusion that we can make it better, So get your mouth ready for Waffles 2.0!! If you are anything like a basic pumpkin spice latte loving, ugg wearing individual, you probably eat your waffles with no stuffing and you should be ashamed. The Stuffler will level up your waffles by allowing you to stuff them with whatever your hear desires. The only limitation is the single neuron powering that potato in your head. Go wild, add beef and chicken teriyaki or bananas and pineapple. Stuff away!

Product Description

  • Cooks Belgian-style waffles with your favorite toppings baked inside!
  • Stuffler is the easy way to make delicious stuffed waffles with sweet and savory foods.
  • Stuff with fresh fruits, pie fillings, candy, chocolate, cheese, meats and more.
  • Just pour in batter, add stuffing ingredients, and fill with more batter.
  • Rotating design flips 180° to evenly spread batter.
  • Cooks in minutes for waffles that are crispy outside, tender inside.
  • Built-in waffle tongs to lift, remove, and serve.


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