The Art of Mixology

There is drinking and then there is sophisticated drinking. A sophisticated drinker drinks a fancy drink with multiple types of alcohol from a fancy glass. You need to become a fancy drinker and as hard as it may sound that’s what she said, this book has the recipes for all your famous drinks and then some. Impress and terrify your guests with your encyclopedic knowledge of alcoholic beverages. Become both the life and ender of the party.

Product Description

  • The best of traditional and contemporary mixology for all occasions. For a romantic dinner, special celebration, holidays, entertaining and more, there is a perfect, well-loved recipe for every get-together
  • This ultimate cocktail recipe book is made for beginners, experts, and everyone in between, featuring non-alcoholic drink recipes or mix drinks with alcohol ranging from whiskey to vodka, gin to rum, and brandy to bubbles
  • Recipes for every mood and occasion and beautiful photos for each recipe will keep enthusiasts excited to continue to try new cocktail recipes every week
  • Includes a beginner bartenders guide to cocktails, as well as recipes featuring the Mai Tai, San Joaquin Punch, non-alcoholic ‘mock-tails’, and more
  • Makes a great gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and more!