Triple Arc Lighter Plasma Lighter

Traditional lighters are boring and not exciting enough. It has long been the dream of humanity to advance our ability to start fires. This triple arc plasma lighter will have you going “is this really necessary?” and your inner child screaming “WOAH”. Completely wind and waterproof and great for lighting stuff. Imagine the conversations you will have with your friends. Imagine how they will look up to you as they struggle to light their lighters in the rain. You will be a god to them!

Product Description

  • AngLink electronic lighter does not use the traditional open flame to ignite. Completely wind and water proof
  • Triple arc lighter. Because why the fuck not
  • Upgraded 4 LED battery lights to display different power level status Battery cycle lasts 300~500 charges.
  • You can charge this Anglink windproof Lighter with a standard micro USB cable.


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