Wallet Ninja

Picture this, you are out with your friends and suddenly one of them complains about their glasses being too loose! No worries! You got this. You whip out your Wallet Ninja and use the screwdriver to tighten the screw. Your friends and you then enter a bar and order a round of beers, the fair bar maiden complains that they have lost the only bottle opener! Well motherfucker guess who is saving the day? You and your wallet ninja! You use the bottle opener and consume the cold elixirs. You then head out for some tacos and a sultry blonde comes running up to you and says she has lost her box cutter! No fucking worries! You whip out wallet ninja and use the box cutter to open the box. Sultry blonde invites you for “tea”.

Product Description

Wallet Ninja specs:

  • Ceramic lined for better tasting coffee
  • Hold 16 oz. – hot up to 8 hours or cold up to 12 hours
  • Leak-resistant lid with drip guard