Water Garden Betta Aquarium

The Back to the roots aquarium was designed with the lazy in mind. The perfect choice for people who want to own a pet but have the memory retention of a goldfish (LOL). The entire system is designed to be self sustaining and self cleaning meaning your lazy ass does not have to do much. Perfect for keeping betta fish and small goldfish. Please dont try to shove anything bigger in there!

Product Description

  • YEAR ROUND WATER GARDEN: The Back to the Roots Water Garden Duo allows you to grow a succulent or houseplant garden all year round and comes with everything you need to get started – no green thumb or big backyard needed.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY: Harvest organic microgreens from your aquarium in just 10 days; Your Water Garden becomes a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows fresh food up top; The fish waste fertilizes the plants on top and the plants clean the water
  • THE PERFECT LIVING HOME DECOR OR GIFT: Each Back to the Roots Water Garden Duo comes with a free STEM curriculum on aquaponic and hydroponic systems to encourage your kids to learn more about it; This award-winning ecosystem is also the perfect gift.
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED: The Water Garden comes with all the necessary items like Organic Microgreen Seeds, D-Klor and Zym-Bac, Growstones, Fish Food and Coupon; This is a stress-free tank which uses a self-cleaning cycle.


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