Wine Aerator Pourer

If you are still pouring your wine straight out of a bottle then you need to get your shit together. Who the fuck does that? We pour our wine through an aerator… It aerates the wine (means it adds air to it) which makes it taste better and more expensive. Drink like a bourgeoise and not some peasant… Peasant!

Product Description

  • Perfectly Aerate Your Wine: This is the perfect wine stopper pourer for sub-$20 wines. Instantly taste the nuances in your red and white wine. Double the value of your wine by simply pouring yourself a glass!
  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE: We include an extra aerator to bring for parties. Makes for perfect wine gifts! Great value!
  • Elegant Design: Small air chamber infuses air into wine using the Bernoulli effect for OPTIMAL oxygen intake. Sturdy plastic spout with silicon cap is easily washable and ready to use immediately. The rubber stopper creates a leak-free seal for all your favorite wines. Tapered spout ensures that wine does not drip onto your table cloth.
  • The One and Only Original: Find out why over 100k customers worldwide love their TenTen Labs’ Aerator. There are many generic copies of our aerator, but none that can stand up to the quality and functionality of the TenTen Labs stamp of approval.