Yeti Feet That Moisturize

Take a look at your heels and then compare the cracks to the Grand Canyon. Congratulations, your feet have more cracks than anywhere on earth and just thinking about how bad they are is hurting our brains. Fear not! We dispatched a top team of baby seals to hunt for Yeti feet. These feet can be worn on your feet (big brain moves) to moisturize them and turn those cracks into smooth silky flats. Wear them when you are sleeping, wear them at work (power move), wear them at your wedding or wear them at your divorce and you will have the most beautiful feet in all of existence. Open an Only Fans then and thank us later!

Product Description

  • Provides intensive hydration treatment to moisturize and soften hard, dry, rough feet, heels, toes, & cuticles.
  • Slowly releases therapeutic essential oils, botanicals, and vitamins for an at-home spa treatment.
  • Encloses each toe individually for maximum treatment. Also cushions the heel to prevent hard skin and calluses.
  • Medical-grade gel is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. Washable and reusable. Slip-resistant bottoms.
  • Fits Women’s shoe sizes up to 10.5.
  • For the ultimate skin repair treatment, wear socks while you sleep, 2-3 times per week. More frequent use provides greater results.
  • Improves the foot’s appearance by helping reduce fine lines of aging.


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